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Audiobook Tracking and Stats! 🎧
June 1, 2022

New and improved audiobook tracking and stats are finally here, just in time for the US's Audiobook Appreciation Month!! 🎉

First, each user now has a setting they can toggle for how they'd like audiobooks tracked:

Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 09.04.20.png

The default is 'pages' and this is great news for people who like to track all of their reading this way — there's now no longer a need to do a 'workaround' of tracking a print or digital edition first to have your pages counted!

Simply choose your audio edition, track your progress, and we'll automatically convert everything to pages for you!

Audiobooks will correctly show up in your stats! Now both your "Page number" and "Format" charts can be accurate!

If you choose to track via minutes, you'll see some new charts and some changes to a couple of the familiar ones:




Regardless of your audiobook tracking setting, it's now much easier for anyone listening to audio to update their progress:

Screenshot 2022-06-01 at 21.51.58.png

Perhaps listening is your main way of reading and you've felt a little left out with the Pages Goal? Well, now you can set an Hours Goal!


And there's a few more little extras dotted around the app, including handy links on the Preferences page to convert all of your past audiobook data to your preferred format and affiliate links!

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