Books added to my reading challenges - possible confusion?

When I filter my 'owned' books by 'added to my reading challenges' I expected it to show only those books added - by myself - to my reading challenges. So, it would be my 'reading challenge reading list'. However, it also includes other books that I own, that have been added - by other people - to challenges I have joined. Not sure if I am being very clear but I found it a little unexpected. It's good in some ways as it then gives me ideas of what to read for those challenges, but it would be great to see just those books I have added. This option could already be available somewhere else and I've missed it.

Jan 2, 2023

Yes, this feature has always worked like that from when the app was in beta — it was created as discovery tool and I think was a lot more useful when the app was smaller —  and we've had a handful of people bring this up over the years. However we do it, we need an option to allow people to see only the books they've added.

Dec 31, 2022

I noticed this as well, it would be nice to see specifically the ones I added myself.