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Build challenges based on specific books

I'd love for there to be a way to create challenges for a specific list of books.

For example, if I want to create a challenge to read all of the PEN America award longlists books, instead of creating a challenge where I list each book as a prompt and then the person still has to add those books to the corresponding prompt, it'd be great if I could build the challenge by searching The StoryGraph and selecting books to add to the challenge to essentially create a specific reading list challenge. And then people participating in the challenge also wouldn't need to add books to the challenge because the challenge page would automatically recognize that they have read (or DNFed) an edition of one of the books from the challenge's list based on their reading activity.

This kind of challenge could be used for any award list, top book list, or author backlist challenges where, instead of a general prompt, people are working their way through a list of specific titles.

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