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Make adding books to challenges more efficient

At the minute, I find adding books to challenges quite time consuming, I've had a few ideas how this could be easier

  • Treating all editions of the same book together in prompts. Often a book I already have in my TBR/have read has been added to the prompt by someone else but from a different edition, so I can't just click the plus button to add it too. Having the prompts just using books as a whole, rather than specific editions would fix this.
  • Be able to add a new book from the prompt page. If the book (/specific edition of a book) I want to add hasn't already been added to a prompt I currently need to search for the book, pick the reading challenge to add it to, and then scroll back down to find the correct prompt. It would be much easier to easier to just have a button on the prompt page to add a new book directly
  • Make it easier to find specific prompts when adding from a book page. If you are adding a book to a challenge from a prompt page, if there are a lot of prompts it can be quite a pain to scroll to the right one, and then scroll all the way to the bottom to click the save changes button.
    • Being able to search for prompts, similarly to how we can search for tags would make it a lot easier to find the right one.
    • For books that have already been added to the challenge and get the "People have already added this book to: [prompt]" message at the top, it would be helpful for that to be a shortcut to add the book to the same prompt too.
    • I'm not sure how to solve scrolling all the way to the bottom at the button: I never add the same book to more than one prompt so just getting rid of the save changes button and using the prompt name as a button to add to that prompt would work for me but maybe not for everyone?
Oct 4, 2021

Thank you for these notes! This has been something on my todo list for a long time and the plan is to sort it before the year is up. It's referenced in my current long-running "sort out the UX" piece of work. One of the reasons we kept editions separate is due to certain prompts referencing things to do with covers and page numbers — so making sure the correct edition(s) show up on the prompt page — but perhaps we will combine them in all cases (need to double check there won't be any gotchas with that) or cases where it makes sense to (e.g. combine for a user's perspective, but not necessarily on the prompt page).

Oct 3, 2021

agreed about all editions counting towards the challenge ( or at least easily being able to swap the edition within the challenge)
For finding specific prompts, I usually use the built in browser feature for searching (control or command F) but obviously that doesn't work for mobile.