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Ratings More Prominent

Moving the aggregate user rating on a book from the very bottom (on mobile) to a more prominent location on screen would be helpful.

Thank you.

Jun 28, 2023

Been wishing for this too. There are more books or there than I could ever possibly read, and ratings help me narrow down my choices. Please make them more visible!

Mar 4, 2021

Thanks for the suggestion! As of now, ratings are purposefully lower down, so as to allow people to discover new favourite books that they may have overlooked otherwise!

Jun 15, 2023

Nadia I understand & appreciate that reasoning. I am a hardcore believer in ultimately making the decision to read or to add a book to my TBR list based on multiple factors, with the average rating being low on that list.

First and foremost, I am guided by the book's description, followed by themes, genre, & information I read in other readers' reviews. However, with all that being said & in all honesty, I'm not even going to consider reading a book that has less than 3 stars, unless that rating is based on only a handful of reviews or the reviews are resoundingly ignorant & juvenile (i.e. - "The writing is fantastic & the story kept me breathlessly turning the pages long past my bedtime. This would be a 5 star read without a doubt, but my personal moral standards dictate that I remove 3 stars because of the cursing. Bad words just aren't necessary to tell a good story!"). Ha!

So, I don't personally have an issue with the rating appearing at the bottom of a book's full page. However, something that really frustrates me & has caused me to switch back over to GoodReads several times is that ratings don't appear in thumbnail views when I'm browsing through search results or lists. Without question, ratings appearing on thumbnail views will always be high up on my must-have features list. Even so, it's something I could look past as a minor thing if book pages on your app were faster to load.

When I click to open a book's full page, it often takes quite a good while to load the screen, sometimes up to 15 to 20 seconds. That's a long time to be sitting there staring at a blank, black screen. I'm unsure of the cause behind this, though I've tested out multiple scenarios on my end & haven't been able to narrow it down. I've tried: different devices; mobile data vs WiFi connection; mobile app vs desktop app; clearing cache & cookies; updating the app; deleting & reinstalling the app, etc., all to no avail. I'm thinking it might have to do with server space or something on StoryGraph's end.

I absolutely love & adore the StoryGraph app. I much prefer it over Goodreads & in my heart, I know I'm a loyal StoryGrapher. However, the combination of no ratings on thumbnail views & lag time in loading keeps me from breaking up with GoodReads once & for all.

Thanks for listening!

Jun 17, 2023

badholly1817 Thank you for sharing your feedback!

We're always considering feedback from our users and are always open to change. In this case, to have the ratings appear on the search listing/thumbnail would negate the reason for them being lower down on the main book page in the first place. So, it's unlikely to be something we'd consider without changing our whole approach/reasoning. That may be in our product's future, but not in the short to medium-term.

It's definitely not something we'd do as a way to deal with slow-loading book pages. One of our product goals is excellent performance and book pages loading slowly should be completely eliminated. It's nothing to do with server space. And it's a problem restricted to the books with the most reviews and activity. I've not personally seen 15-20 seconds, nor had anyone report a loading time of that length before, but I've definitely seen book pages take too long. (Once we start getting to a few seconds, that's already too long as far as I'm concerned.) The reason the pages are slow is to do with certain information on the page that needs to be lazily loaded. I've already implemented some caching on the page that causes subsequent page loads to be speedy, but have more to do.

In the future, there's no need for you to spend so much time trying to investigate or debug issues in the app. Please just contact us via the app — or email! It's likely something we're already aware of!