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You Own Another Edition

Just like the "You've read another edition of this book" feature, it would be nice to see some sort of indicator that I already own a non-default edition of a book I've searched for (and a link to get there)!

The two use cases for me:

  1. I scan a book at the bookstore, forgetting that I already have a copy at home.

  2. When I start reading a new book, it's a little slow to go to my profile, then owned books, then search for the book I've started reading. It would be faster just to use the search bar when I open the app and find it from there. (Many of my older books have ISBNs that don't match the barcode, so scanning doesn't always help).

Searching works fine if I've read the book, but if I haven't, the owned version isn't the one shown in the search result. Maybe that would be an easier solution, come to think of it!

Apr 20, 2024

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