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View stats for a filtered subset of books

I’d like to be able to view stats for a filtered subset of books e.g. Profile/5* reads panel/View All gives me a filtered selection of books. This is also accessible via Stats/All-time/Tap bar in Star Ratings graph to give me a filtered subset of those particular books. But I can’t see a way to get a stats page open on this subset of books, like I can with my Owned Books Stats.

What I’m particularly after was to examine the pace of all the books that I’ve rated 5* to see if there was a trend - I’m thinking I quite like slower paced books, so I’m looking to dig out an answer from TSG by asking it if my rating data bears this out.

I can look at all-time stats, which shows me a pace pie graph for all my read books, but I’d like this pace graph for a customised, filtered, subset of books.

A work-around involves first manually tagging the book subset and then opening a tag stats view, but that involves keeping the tags updated when such filters exist in TSG already.

Mar 13, 2023

This will be coming — namely stats pages for star ratings, moods, genres, etc., and the ability to compare them alongside one another from the main dashboard page — as part of the current Stats V4 work!

Mar 13, 2023

Super smashing awesome!!! 😍